Let's fall in love

First off, a very happy Valentine's day to everyone!

I know, it sounds weird: a single woman wishing everyone a happy Valentine's day. The truth is, I love Valentine's day, valentine or no valentine. Deep in my heart, I know that one day I'll have a valentine. Just because I don't have one now doesn't mean I can't enjoy Valentine's day. As Thaddeus Golas said,
"Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anyone else to love you?
When I got dressed this morning I threw on a pink sweater. I popped my iPod into the stereo and turned on an Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong For Lovers album. After my one class I found myself waiting for the Circulator bus. I was headed down to the bank to get laundry money, lounging on some steps & reveling in the fact that it was 65 and sunny outside. I never made it to the bank.

Instead, I headed down to Whole Foods. I was going to buy myself a Valentine. I wandered along the water down at the Harbor. I perused the rows of flowers, chocolates of all sorts and all manner of Valentine related items.
The lady at the checkout asked me if I wanted my flowers wrapped. I laughed and said no thanks, they were just for me. She shook her head and replied "Girl you're treating yourself good today."

You bet I am. I have my flowers, my chocolate truffles, my bath soak with rose petals & a caramel chocolate covered apple. I have some white wine and recipes for grilled steak & brussels sprouts au gratin. I have some salad and dressing. I have Ella & Louis. Sure I'm missing an actual Valentine. Until I have a Valentine, I'll make the best of it & be my own Valentine.
Yummy chocolate truffles (please ignore that I've already bit into one of them)
Caramel apple with white & dark chocolate chips
"Birds do it. Bees do it. Even educated fleas do it. Let's do it--let's fall in love... Romantic sponges they say do it. Oysters down in Oyster Bay do it. Let's do it--let's fall in love. Cape Cod clams against their will do it. Even lazy jellyfish do it. Let's do it--let's fall in love. "
Louis Armstrong 

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  1. Sounds like a good day :) Happy Valentine's Day!