As a recent law school graduate, the world is a confusing place for me. The world was a confusing place before law school but that's another story altogether.

But I can tell you this: I love to write. And with the number of strange things that happen to me on a regular basis I never really run out of things to write about.

Enter this blog.

It started simply enough: I was going to spend a semester in Rome, Italy and wanted a way to keep family & friends up to date on my life overseas. I decided to start a blog for just that reason; people could check it as they pleased and I could share all my experiences with friends & family back home.

Then I came home and didn't really stop blogging (mostly because strange things kept happening).

The blog has gone through more changes than Madonna, having fallen into every category from travel to food to fashion. No kidding--I bought a little remote for my camera and everything. Nothing lasted long so I decided to bring this thing back to its roots: a vessel for all things Courtney. You'll find a bit of everything here from tales of my daily life to book reviews to things I find pretty.

Each identity crisis brought about a new name. Finally, one stuck: soju + ravioli. Travel is near & dear to my heart so it only seemed natural to name my blog after two of the biggest travel adventures of my life. Like I said, I spent a semester in Rome in college, hence the ravioli part. I also spent two months working in Seoul following my 2L year of law school, hence the soju part.

Then one day it all clicked into place. After years of trying to make something else stick, I stumbled on this list of 365 writing prompts. I started this thing as an outlet for my passion for writing. But somewhere along the way I stopped doing that. When I found the list, I decided that it was time to make some changes around here. It was time to get back to my roots and start writing again. So every day for the next 365 days I'm going to write about the next prompt on the list. Some will be short. Some will be long. Some will be funny and some will be scary. It'll just depend on everything from my mood to the weather to the prompt.

That's enough rambling for now. Throw some ravioli on the stove and I'll pour the soju. I'm glad you're here.