What I pondered Wednesday #7: thursday edition

Okay I promise once I'm back in the states thing's will get more regular. For example, WIPW will actually happen on Wednesday. I may even bring back the outfit posts. Craziness over here.

For today's message I just wanted to repost a devotional I got today without really any commentary. I think it speaks for itself.

Bible verse: "He told them, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore to send out workers into His harvest field.'" Luke 10:2

"Jesus, whom we are to imitate, had a finite to-do list in His earthly life. So do you. You can't feed every AIDS orphan. You won't house every homeless person you pass. There are thousands of cities you will never visit and billions of people out there that you are not able to minister to. 
It seems crazy, right? But we all need to be reminded of this because there is a certain tendency for sensitivity to go hand in hand with an absurd belief that my job is to save the world. But if St. Paul said it once he said it a million times: you are a part of the whole.
God has indeed called us to go & preach the Gospel to everyone. But understand this: Christ's earthly ministry set an example for us in its limits. You are to play your specific role in the body of Christ just as, when He was here on earth, He played His role in the body of Christ.
We are inseparably linked. In this knowledge, I find freedom. It's a different kind of freedom, being linked to the whole. But it's the best kind. Because I am on the team that will not lose. And I can rest in this truth."

What Jesus Didn't Do by Nathan Pyle, Deeper Walk Devotional from Relevant Magazine.

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