[blue like a berry]

This summer, every so often, I'd take a study break that was a bit longer, a bit more extravagant, a bit more fun.

One such break was a trip to go berry picking with Mom and Kara. We grabbed doughnuts from Sublime Doughnuts for breakfast; if you're in Atlanta and craving a doughnut, definitely stop by! We were blessed with a few hours of sun and a friendly farm employee that tipped us off to the best spot to find berries. Once the sky began to darken and we had collected more berries than we could eat, it was off to The Varsity for lunch. We rarely go to the Varsity: it's far and fattening. But nothing helps ward off the heat like a hot dog, onion rings, & a Varsity Orange. Even though we had to cut the day short so I could study, it was the perfect day.

All photos mine.

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