[ninth book]

Up next on the book challenge is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

In those hours between night and morning Libby Day's family was murdered. It was a cold January night in 1985 when the killings happened. The whole town, Libby included, blamed Libby's 15-year-old brother Ben & his involvement in Satanism for the murders. For years, Ben sat in prison while Libby languished in the outside world. Crippled by depression and memories of what she refers to as darkplace, Libby is unable to cope with life after the murders. But then she gets an interesting invitation from the macabre Kill Club. As it turns out, the club is a secret group of individuals, utterly obsessed with murders. They meet periodically to buy and sell items from murder scenes, and discuss their theories of who really committed various crimes and why they committed them. Some even go so far as to dress up as their favorite murders. Though extremely reluctant, Libby agrees to attend one of their meetings; the fund she's lived off of since the murders has run out and she desperately needs the money the group offers in return for her appearance. As Libby soon finds out, a lot of people don't believe Ben actually committed the murders. Soon Libby isn't so sure herself, despite her testimony that Ben was the killer that night. With club member Lyle in tow, Libby travels into darkplace to unravel the mystery and confront her own demons. 

After reading Flynn's book Gone Girl I was super excited about this one. I loved loved loved Gone Girl so I was sure I would love this one just as much. I didn't. It's not that the book was bad. I just think I set the bar a little too high going into this one. It does have a lot of the elements of a Flynn book, mainly seriously screwed up people that make you question humanity in general and situations that don't quite turn out like you thought. This one is more openly dark than Gone Girl. I still enjoyed it but I didn't stay up thinking about it or pressing full force towards the end of the book. 

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