[silver linings]

It’s been a really good week. Like, really, really good.  

Sure I had to take the Bar last week, but there’s a silver lining to it. First, the exam is done and I have my life back (even though the thought of all the free time I’ll have this weekend terrifies me a little bit). Second, things went smoothly. Now I’m not saying I’m confident I passed. I’m saying that I felt in control throughout the exam. I felt prepared; the questions were what I expected and were exactly like the practice ones. There were no surprises on that front. I didn’t experience any computer problems during the exam or during the upload process. I finished every question even if sometimes I just barely squeaked it in before time ran out. I won’t know anything until May 2. But now, now I get to relax a little bit and move forward with my life again.  

That’s not even the best part of the Bar. The best part was that it was in Baltimore. I had to travel to Maryland for the exam and oh shucks, just had to take 2 extra days off work because my dear friends are there. And I’m going to be honest, I forgot how much I love that city. Yes Baltimore has its issues. But I love it. There’s so much worth fighting for in the city, so much history, beauty, culture. And it’s up to people like me, people with an education and access to employment that allows them to live comfortably, to help the city. Please don’t think I mean that we need to gentrify the city and push the poor out. What I mean is that we need to give our time, our talent, and our treasure to help those in need. The government can only do so much. But we as individuals can create opportunities for those without them. I’m not ready to give up on Baltimore yet. No, I’m ready to fight for her, to fight for her people, poor and rich.  

Of course there was time with friends. Drinks in DC on Wednesday. Birthday dinner on Thursday. Watching a friend in action Friday. Girls night Saturday. It was a week filled with friends and I desperately needed that. I realized how much I’ve missed out on in the past year. Not big get-togethers, but little moments. Brunches. Drinks. Movies. Shopping. All those little moments that make friendships. And I’ve missed them. I’m done missing them. I’m done not being there for breakups, for sickness, for new jobs, for all of it. I’m moving back.  

This week has already been extremely productive. I got the loan repayment information from the company that bought my student loans from Sallie Mae after several months of waiting. The amount was half what I was expecting. I almost cried tears of joy when I opened the letters. Maybe I will be able to do this after all. I got everything together to file my taxes tonight. I know taxes aren’t exciting but it’s a monkey that I’ve been carrying on my back for months and I’m ready to let it go.  

I’ve started back to yoga too. I forgot how much I loved it. I’m excited to get back on a regular exercise schedule that allows more flexibility. I’m not confined to lunch break runs any more and that thrills me.

  Like I said, it’s been a good week. Here’s to hoping it only gets better.

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