child of mine

Throughout college she had sworn two things. 

First, Jamie had sworn she would never get married.

Second, she had sworn she would never have children.

It wasn't that she planned on being single her entire life. Jamie planned on dating. She just never saw herself getting married. Instead, Jamie pictured a career. She pictured traveling the world as general counsel of a major company or perhaps as a consul general of a foreign consulate. The Jamie of the future was fit, wealthy, and successful. 

Somewhere along the way, something had gone wrong.

She wasn't garbed in designer suits.
She wasn't flying first class to exotic destinations.
Her job title wasn't anything to be envied.

Jamie twirled the diamond on her ring finger and let out a sigh, glancing around the dirty kitchen. The kids were running around the backyard, more than likely getting absolutely filthy.

This was her life now. 

It was a simple life filled with car pools, dirty laundry, and screaming kids.

But the truth was, she wouldn't trade it for the life she had planned for herself. 

Not for all the money in the world. Not for the prestigious title nor the beautiful clothes nor the travels. 

Somewhere along the way, something had gone very, very right.

She had met Dan in law school. She didn't know she had met him but she had. Instead, Jamie had remained so focused on her goals, her dreams, her plans that she had missed him.

Years later, he had resurfaced when she was well on her way to that general counsel position, having worked her way up from analyst to paralegal to staff counsel. In a few more promotions, she would have that dream job. 

But instead, she had chosen Dan. 

For a while after they were first married, Jamie had continued to pursue that perfect job. 

Then she found out she was pregnant with their first, Savannah Mae. After endless discussion, they decided that she would return to work after maternity leave. 

The baby was born, and the maternity leave ended.

But she couldn't do it.

The whole way to work, Jamie cried. She quit her job in the middle of the day, packed up her things, and never looked back.

Two more children followed Savannah Mae: Jack and Annabel. 

The truth was, Jamie felt true joy here. Even on her darkest days, she felt that joy. Even when she questioned her choice to quit, she felt that joy. 

Jamie would never go back to corporate life. She would never have a title that people envied. 

But that was just fine by her. 


  1. I feel like this sums up my life! Thanks for sharing your brilliance. It matters.

  2. Thank you so much!! That really means a lot to me & I'm glad you liked it.