Good morning Baltimore

After three and a half days of chaos, I'm finally settled back in my apartment.

Thursday afternoon, Mom, Kara & I loaded up a rented SUV and began the drive from Georgia to Maryland. Of course the feathered ones accompanied us for the drive. Their little travel cage fit perfectly in the windshield so they got to watch both us and the road as we drove along. We made it into the northern part of North Carolina on Thursday. Naturally we picked a hotel with a strict no pets allowed policy. With the cold weather we couldn't exactly leave the feathered ones in the car. Thankfully their cage is the perfect size to zip in my handbag. So I zipped them in and prayed they wouldn't chirp on the way through the lobby. Thankfully they cooperated. We giggled like little girls in the elevator at having managed to sneak them into the hotel. Criminal masterminds we are not.

We reached Baltimore on Friday and met up with Dad. Friday was errand day in Baltimore as we got me all settled to begin a new semester. Saturday we did the same for Kara in DC. We got to spend time with Kara's boyfriend Chris and his mom Christine. They're a delightful family and I'm so thankful Kara & Chris found each other. After church and a delicious brunch with the family, Christine dropped me back in Baltimore before heading homeward to New York.

While I unpack my Christmas presents and suitcases, I'm so thankful for the break I had. The family managed to clear the air in several important areas and thus grew closer than ever. I feel ready to face a new semester and all the challenges that it will bring. I will miss my family dearly while I'm away but the separation is only temporary. I'll be back with them before I know it.

"And someday when I take to the floor the world is going to wake up and see Baltimore & me"

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