The pursuit of perfection

My entire life I've never had perfect attendance, at least at school. I had perfect attendance on summer league swim team but that was only a month long. The problem's always been the same. I wasn't truant, I wasn't a slacker. I was just perpetually sick. Not in a leukemia way, but in a never ending sinus infection way. Turns out, having a cat that sleeps on your chest while living in a city that's perpetually damp & moldy is really bad for someone who's severely allergic to cats & mold. Apparently the same person should not ride horses either, especially if they're also allergic to horses. And dirt. And hay. And trees. And grass.

With so many sinus infections, I just barely squeaked in past the minimum number of attendance days. It was tight several years and my parents worried if they were going to have to go in & present medical records so that I could move on to the next grade.

In college I wasn't as sickly. But I fell into that nasty little collegiate habit of not going to class because, hey who really cares? Alright so maybe I skipped for the pure joy of being able to skip class without any consequence. If you count lower grades as a consequence, then I suppose you could say there were consequences.

In law school I've been sick at least once a semester and have consequently missed class. Last semester I was sick more so I missed a lot more class than I would like to have missed. Thankfully this semester I've already gotten my semester bad cold out of the way. AND I still managed to make it to class.

Remember how last night I said it was snowing? Well I held out for a snow day. I got a half a snow day.

School was closed until noon so my 10:30 class was cancelled. My 3:00 class was also cancelled. My professor's Hungarian & seems rather concerned about our ability to operate in the snow. So out of concern for our safety, she cancelled class. That just left my noon and 1:30 classes.

I almost blew my perfect attendance record for the semester. It was so warm inside and so cold outside. I obsessively checked my email, just on the off chance those last two classes were cancelled. I do like both of those courses. I just really did not want to leave the comfort of my nice warm apartment. Or put on real pants. Let's face it, fuzzy thermal fleece snowflake print pajama pants are far preferable to jeans in such weather. But alas fuzzy thermal fleece snowflake print pajama pants are't exactly appropriate clothing to appear in public wearing.

I made it to both of my classes after all. Unsurprisingly, not that many others did. But hey, my perfect attendance record is still intact. I may pull this off yet.

"I've never let my school interfere with my education."
Mark Twain

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