Goodbye winter

Happy Groundhog's Day everyone!! Ever since Mom stumbled across the groundhog shaped cookie cutter responsible for these cute little guys, she's sent us a box of groundhogs every year. The first year they were sugar cookies with orange frosting. Last year they were gingerbread groundhogs. This year we got sugar cookies! I was super excited. Mom's sugar cookie & frosting recipes are the best and we normally only have them for Christmas. I look forward to them year round. Sadly this year was a whirlwind and we never got around to frosting and enjoying the sugar cookies. I was thrilled to find out I could still get my homemade sugar cookie fix this year, even if I had to wait until Groundhog's Day. I could have made them myself, but they're just not as good as Mom's. 

The good news is that Phil didn't see his shadow which means we get an early spring! We've always followed Phil closely. Mom's aunt lived in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, home of Gobbler's Knob and Punxsutawney Phil. When he's not busy predicting the weather, Phil chills in the Punxsy library. We actually got to see him during a family vacation when I was in high school.
Mom & Great Aunt Katura with a statue of Phil 

Kara at Gobbler's Knob
Enjoy your Groundhog's Day! Let's pray that Phil got it right this year & spring will come early!

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  1. Whooo Hooo! Spring is on it's way! You are sooo sweet! I adore you! Mommy Dearest