It all started when I was in college. One day, I woke up and they were everywhere I looked. I thought they were ugly at first. But then, slowly but surely, they grew on me until the obsession reached fever pitch. Last spring, I finally gave in and bought a pair. 
The grey colored shoes arrived one day in the mail room. I ripped into the box and popped the shoes on my feet. It was love the instant I put my first pair of Toms on. Not only were they cute, they were unbelievably comfortable. I proceeded to wear them everywhere. I walked to and from work at the courthouse in them. I wore them all over the United Kingdom. When I got back, they were no longer the pristine grey beauties I had received in the mail. Instead, they looked more like this:

Well worn to say the least. Faded a bit too. When I was in Phoenix, I decided to add another pair to the mix. 
The cute little snow leopard pair joined my flock, complete with their crazy tie-dye interior. Pair #2 soon became just as lived in as pair #1.

For Valentine's day, my wonderful Dad bought me pair #3. The flock is growing. It now looks a little something like this:

They say if a shoe fits, buy one in every color. Well I am certainly working on doing just that. But I'm not the only one who benefits from my love of Toms...
Cute, comfortable and philanthropic. What's not to love??

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