Skeleton in the closet

My closet, up until yesterday, was out of control. Really overwhelming disgustingly out of control. It's not normally this bad; for weeks I've been saying "I'll clean my closet tomorrow." Consequently, I didn't really put things away properly. So it just spiraled out of control. The main problem is that other than my shirts, nothing was really organized in a way that leant itself to being kept neat & tidy.
Collage of the disaster zone. Embarrassing, isn't it?
After an hour of tossing things into piles all over my bedroom, ripping things off hangers, rehanging other items, reorganizing and the like, I was finally done. In the end, I was left with a neat & tidy little closet that I would actually be proud to let other people see. I created...
A place for all of my flats where they won't crowd the floor...
somewhere to put the scarves I wear the most so I can easily access them...
And somewhere to put my jeans where they'll actually stay put and not fall all over the place. 
The whole shebang (FYI some of the shoes actually ended up under the bed instead of on the floor like they are here)
I was still on a roll so I tackled the clothes storage under my bed and my dresser. I ripped and tore and tossed and folded all of those as well.
Okay so maybe I didn't really carefully remove my shirts from the dresser. I just kind of threw them into a giant pile to sort through. I managed to reduct them down to...
this little pile of the shirts I actually wear! I actually have extra space for things other than t-shirts in my t-shirt drawer!! Hooray!!

The end result of my hard work, besides clean clothing spaces? Eight bags of clothes for Goodwill. Yup. Eight.
The pile waiting to be bagged
All bagged up & ready to go! 
I'm quite happy with my new space. I feel like I've lost 10 pounds.  Needless to say, it was much easier to get dressed for class this morning. 


  1. What a disaster!! OMGosh!! What a mess!! Don't let it get like that again you hear me! hehehe! So you are getting rid of those cute pick pumps and those cute boots? AARG!!

  2. WOW good for you. That must have made you feel great after freeing up all that space and now being able to find things. PLUS look at all the people you helped. :) Great job done.

  3. The pumps need reheeled and I haven't done it for like 4 years. So I realized that I was probably never actually going to fix them. Plus they hurt like HECK. Same for the brown boots.

    Thanks Aunt Gay!! Everything goes to Goodwill tomorrow after class. I figured someone else would actually love my clothes so there was no reason for them to sit in my apartment taking up space.