The big summer reveal!

So you know how I mentioned that I was working on some plans for this summer? Remember how super excited I was for them? Well today those plans have been made official! So get ready for it! But like any good reality show, I'm not going to spill the beans quite yet.

I began my summer internship search back in October. I compiled a list of possibilities, prepared a resume and got a letter of recommendation from the judge I interned with last summer. Not too long after I began sending out resumes and cover letters in every direction. I was confident that by February I would have plans figured out.

But as December approached I had still yet to hear from most of those organizations and had already been turned away from several.  And then I received an email that contained information about a rather unique opportunity. I went round and round about the opportunity. My initial reaction was an overwhelming desire to participate but then I changed my mind. Then I changed it again. And again. And again. But I finally decided that in fact this was the right decision for me, especially after talking to career services who fully agree with my decision. I sent in my application and just received the most exciting news this morning!

This summer, I am headed to....


That's right. I'm going to Seoul. I'll be taking class for several weeks and then interning for five. I haven't received my exact placement yet but I will in mid-April.  Naturally I'll update you once I find out.

I am so unbelievably excited! Of course I'm slightly nervous as well: I've never been to Asia and I know no one on the trip. Heck, until Thursday I didn't even know what Korean food was. But this is the most incredible opportunity and I am not going to let it get away from me. I have always wanted to go to Asia.

And then there's the internship. There are six different options and I ranked all of them, just to improve my chances. I will be placed in one, but I don't know which one yet. The internships are equally prestigious, ranging from huge multinational corporations such as Samsung to the Constitutional Court (IE South Korea's Supreme Court) to major players in the human rights field. Any one of the internships would be amazing and far superior to anything I would secure here in the states.

I can't wait for this summer. Between the family trip to Germany and my internship in Seoul, this is going to be a wonderful wonderful summer. It will be a summer of firsts, a summer of new experiences, personal growth and career development.

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