Bell of the ball

Last night was Barrister's Ball, which is also known as Law School Prom. These celebrations are common to law schools across the country and the concept is essentially the same: everyone dresses up & heads out for drinks and dancing hosted by the university.

The night started off a bit roughly: my dress ripped while I was getting in a friend's car. Luckily we were only a few blocks from my apartment and I have other cocktail dresses. I was able to change quickly into a simple black dress and the night proceeded.

The dance was held at M&T Bank Stadium, which is the home of our local football team, the Ravens. The dance was inside on the suite level, which was beautiful. As an added bonus they had the doors to the actual stadium open so we were allowed to go sit in the stadium. Unfortunately we were not able to get down on the field although I'm sure some enterprising young men figured out a way over the course of the evening. Not only were we able to bask in the beautiful stadium, the outdoors provided the perfect way to cool down throughout the night.

The night was a blast. I danced my booty off, caught up with people I never see anymore, and generally enjoyed myself. Even though there was an open bar (beer & wine only), I didn't drink that much. I didn't really find it necessary.

The night was just wonderful, a perfect excuse to get dressed up in something besides business suits and socialize. There were no professors, no potential future employers. It was just law students relaxing. Despite the fact that all my pictures were rather blurry, I wanted to share them with you anyways. Enjoy!
Me, (Ryan), Divya, Sam & Kristen 

Kristen & me

In the stadium!

Kristen, me, Sam

Me & Mandy

Rachel, Danielle, me, Mandy

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