Easter 2011

This past weekend I traveled back to the Land of Peaches for Easter! Kara & Chris also flew in from DC for weekend. We spent the weekend playing and relaxing without worrying.
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This Easter was really about going back to childhood for us. We had the usual family traditions, from making "ball cake" to dyeing eggs and even the dogs' tails. Kenley didn't like having her tail dyed but we managed to make it work.  Sadly our color choice wasn't the best. Couple that with a wriggly nearly 2 year old dog and you have one poorly dyed tail. Needless to say I didn't feel particularly compelled to take a picture of Ken's tail. Kammie, being the champ that she is, held still during the dyeing process and came out with a great looking teal colored tail:

Apparently when Kammie went to the vet this morning everyone there appreciated her cute little Easter surprise.

In addition to Easter we also took some time to celebrate Kara's birthday. While her birthday isn't until tomorrow, we took advantage of our time together to celebrate anyways. We went out for dinner, opened presents and ate birfday cupcakes. For her birthday I got Kara one of our favorite childhood games: Cootie!! We never really played the actual game but instead simply built our own bugs. As soon as she opened her box we dove in and began building Cooties. Everyone built one, including Mom!
Cooties left to right: Kara, Chris, Mom, me!
 In addition to playing a favorite game, we revisited some other childhood favorites. Mom got us each a bottle of bubbles which we found in our Easter baskets. Kara got sidewalk chalk and Chris got a dart gun in their baskets too! We spent Easter afternoon blowing bubbles, chalking on the driveway and shooting darts at each other. Kara & Chris also hopped on some bikes & ran over to Walmart at one point in the day.

Of course we also attended to church and cooked our traditional Easter dinner: ham, twice baked potatoes, veggie casserole, rolls and jello eggs (made by Kara). I'm  so happy that I was able to spend time with part of my family this weekend. It was a wonderful way to release a little tension and relax before finals next week. Sometimes all you really need is a return to childhood.

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