Happy Palm Sunday!!

It's Palm Sunday everyone!! Palm Sunday signals the beginning of Holy Week which is one of the most important religious weeks of the year. Palm Sunday marks the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem; in less than a week He would be scourged and crucified, making the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity. In exactly one week, He will conquer sin and death. Amazing. It's all a day to practice a super fun trick using palm branches. You turn this....
Into this! It took me years to master the art of the palm cross. Now, I can crank one out in a minute or two. Skill right there. PS the older gentleman next to me was a bit miffed at my use of my cell phone camera in capturing these images. Hey, mass wasn't going to start for another 15 minutes. Plus I only get one opportunity a year to practice my mad palm folding skills. Okay it's not that impressive. Don't burst my bubble.
The bishop said mass today. During the homily he shared a story with us concerning a famous author. The author's friend approached him and told the author all about a financial manager who could make more in a week than all of the author's book sales combined. The author responded saying "Then I have something he'll never have." His friend asked what it is the author had that the financial manager didn't. The author simply responded: "I have enough." 

Dress: LOFT; Sweater: LOFT; Belt: gift; Necklace: gift; Headband: Forever 21; Heels: Filene's Basement

If we have Christ, we have enough. The clothes in my closet are enough. The food in my pantry is enough. The roof over my head is enough. The money in my bank account is enough. I am enough. 

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