Funf in the platz 1: Munich

I'm finally back from our vacation! As promised, there will be oodles of posts about Germany. I'll try & keep in under control but in all honesty this was one of the best family vacations we've taken in quite some time.

Our trip began in Munich (after driving from the airport in Vienna to Munich). Since we got in around dinner time, we decided to just grab some food & call it a night. Thankfully there was a delicious little restaurant about a block from the hotel.

The next morning we were up bright & early for a wonderful tour of Munich on SEGWAYS!! There's no two ways around it: you look goofy on a segway. It's just unavoidable. But as goofy as we all looked, we certainly had entirely too much fun. Segways are actually unbelievably easy to drive. Well, for most people. We did have two women that couldn't quite master the segway on the tour. Both Kara and I were required to employ our emergency braking system, I.E. to squat down while still holding onto the handle bars, in order to avoid hitting one of the segway-challenged. We still had a fantastic time, laughing & giggling our way through Munich.

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