Strange sightings in a strange land: Korea 7

South Korea is not like the US.

For example, in the US only the finest of seafood restaurants allow you to see your seafood alive prior to serving it to you. In South Korea you often find this:

That is a picture I took in Hongdae yesterday evening. And it's not just your squid you can get fresh. There's king crab, eel, 15 trillion different types of fish & octopi that have all been spotted swimming in little tanks outside of seafood restaurants everywhere. And they're not super fancy either.

You know how you often see tshirts with really bad english on them and think "that can't be real"? Well they are. And they are everywhere here. Even trashcans aren't exempt from the phenomenon: another student found one that read:
"Wastebasket: would you like to review what your life should be?"
I promise I'll find my own example and snap it to share with you.

This afternoon Hibah and I stumbled upon another Korean oddity (although this one might just be an Asian oddity in general): a Hello Kitty Cafe. Sure I've seen Hello Kitty stores, but a cafe? Surely you jest. But no, I do not jest. There is a Hello Kitty Cafe and it looks a little something like this:
And this is what I look like in the Hello Kitty Cafe:

And this is what the hot drinks at the Hello Kitty Cafe look like:
Cute, aren't they?? Oh and of course one of me drinking my green tea latte complete with cute HK face:
There's another oddity over by the school:
Yup. It's a giant Gandalf. I'm not sure why Gandalf's chillin' in giant form in Seoul but there he is.

Oh Seoul you sure do have soul.

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  1. Ok that is funny! Love Hello Kitty!! Only for Kara of course.... hehehe!