Suits & sundresses: Korea 2

I stood in the guest room of my parents' house, staring at a bed covered in clothes. There was some order, but not much. My flight was leaving in 4 days. The clothes littering the bed, along with some in my closet, dirty clothes hamper & the laundry room would have to be folded and placed into a suitcase weighing no more than 50 pounds. Time to get to work. I picked up the item nearest to me on the bed. It was one of four newly acquired suits, a beautiful houndstooth jacket with a 3/4 sleeve and a black pencil skirt with an adorable kick pleat. I removed the shirt I had paired with it before, laying both seperately. Both were then added to my little notepad.

Suits: 1
Work shirts: 1

I picked up the next suit and repeated the drill. Shirts in one neat pile, suits in another. Everything tallied on the notepad. I moved my way through the clothing on the bed: pick up, sort, tally, pick up, sort, tally, pick up, sort, tally. After 10 minutes everything was sorted & tallied neatly. Cocking my head to the side I looked at my neat piles and wondered what had brought me to this point.

I own 5 suits. I am adamantly opposed to wearing flip flops on a daily basis. I am planning on wearing lipstick daily. I have no interest in wearing jeans or shorts in Korea. Instead I have a variety of sundresses. There are a few jeans in the mix and 2 pairs of long walking shorts. But those are suddenly no longer the bulk of my wardrobe.

Is this who I'm becoming? Is this growing up? One day you just lose interest in wearing flip flops & casual clothes?

This trip is different than the others. I went to Rome to find myself. I went to Scotland just because. I'm going to Korea to further my career. Is this what inspired the unexpected wardrobe overhaul? Is this the catalyst I needed to finally do all the things I said I was going to do?

As I stood staring at the bed full of suits and sundresses I suddenly didn't care what the reason for the change was. I just wanted it to stick around.

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