1,000 sour grapes

A question was asked over Sunday's lunch. The question is one I've heard multiple times, especially in the past several weeks. It was one of the responses that really got me thinking however.

The question asked: "What's your favorite thing you've eaten here?"

The response that made me think:  hamburgers from a restaurant in the American section of town

Now to be perfectly fair it could be that the responder has tried Korean food but just hasn't liked any of it thus far. That can happen and is quite understandable.

In this life we only get a limited number of chances. The chances to do something completely different than normal are even less frequent. Every single one of those moments is a chance for growth, for change, for something more. Life is not meant to be static. It's meant to be dynamic. So eat food you don't recognize. Try things that you would never dream of doing before. Have adventures. Do something worth talking about.

Sometimes those chances end badly. Food tastes bad. Naked prayer time happens. But the adventures that end well shine like beacons and make it all worthwhile.

Someone once told me that if the first grape you ever eat is sour, it's highly unlikely you'll ever eat another one. But if the first grape you ever eat is sweet, you'll eat a 1000 sour grapes just to find one more sweet one. They couldn't have been more right. That one sweet grape--a delicious meal, a crazy adventure, a new relationship--is worth 1,000 sour grapes.

So go. Keep searching for sweet grapes. Get out of your comfort zone. I promise the sweet grapes are worth the risk.

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