5 things, Korean style

In a twist on the usual 5 things on Friday, I'm doing a 5 things in Korea! So here are 5 things that are on my mind these rainy Korean days. Please click the collage below for a decent sized photo (I know this is hard to see)!!
1. Coffee! I've been living off instant coffee since I arrived here. I am amazed that the cream & sugar's already in the packets of coffee but I would still gladly trade all the cream and sugar filled instant coffee in the world for a cup of french press brewed coffee.

2. New York: Even though 29 different law schools are represented in the group, the majority of the students in the program are from Fordham (which is actually the host law school) which is located in NYC. They talk about the city a lot and the more I think about it, the more I realize that I wouldn't mind working in the Big Apple. Turns out that many international business type jobs are located in NYC.

3. Fruit: As strange as this sounds for those that know me, I would also trade all the melon popsicle in the world for some fresh fruit. Here in Seoul fruit is unbelievably expensive. Other than the graduation dinner last night I actually haven't had a single piece of fruit since arriving in Seoul. But let me tell you, that apple, pineapple and watermelon last night was the best tasting fruit I've ever eaten.

4. The art of eating with chopsticks. Seriously, it's an art form. But I'm rapidly mastering it. It's fun to eat everything from noodles to wings with chopsticks. Every meal becomes a mini adventure which I'm up for 98% of the time. Sometimes though, I'm just hungry and want my food.

5. Shoes shoes shoes! while in Dongdaemun today, Hibah and I wandered around a market area of just shoes. There was stall after stall filled to the brim with shoes. You try on one you like and then they fetch a fresh pair for you to take home. All of the shoes are rather glitzy: I was looking for plain shoes and it was almost impossible to find any. Everything had bows and rhinestones and flowers and all manner of decoration. I must say, I was in blinged out shoe heaven!

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