Peace like a river.

One of the hardest things in this life can be accepting who you were created to be. There are moments when looking around you, you see traits you find more desirable then those you were given by your Creator. And so you rebel. And rebel. And rebel. But no matter how succesful your rebellion is, you can't really escape who you were created to be. There's always a nagging thought in the background that something isn't right. It's this sense of discomfort and unease, a tenseness of sorts. You can only ignore it for so long before it overwhelms you.

But something amazing happens once you finally give in to His design for you. No longer do you strive for that acceptance that you sought before. You don't suddenly become superior to everyone. Not at all. Instead, He floods you with peace. There's no more striving, no more rebelling, no more fighting. There's only peace.

One of the most common misconceptions is that this peace will endure forever. Never again will those comparisons return. This time you've defeated them permanently.

But that's not the way His peace works. Instead, you get comfortable and begin to drift away. Now that you're through the rough patch, why do you need Him so much? Then they return. All those little thoughts begin to return and nag at your conscience. They start small--just a stray thought here and there. Then one day they consume you. Once again you open your hands and ask for that peace. And once again it's given to you. No matter what things you've done, that peace comes to you. You simply have to be willing to receive it.

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