A life of crime: Korea 17

Oh my goodness. I never finished my update about last weekend. So sorry.

Saturday was more low key in that we didn't really do anything that touristy. It was pouring rain (surprise surprise) so a group of us grabbed burgers in Itaewon followed by a trip to a local brewery for some beers. By the way if you're ever in Seoul and want to enjoy some beer besides Cass, check out Craftworks in Itaewon. It's amazing and each beer's only $5. Okay. No more plugging.

After beer  we were all exhausted so we returned to the hotel for nap time before going out on the town in Hongdae. Towards the end of the night we split into two groups: one that wanted to stay out and one that was ready to call it a night. I was in the latter group. Before heading back for some sleep we popped into a jjimjilbang. Sadly all of the tubs in the women's section were empty for cleaning so we didn't get to soak. Only one of the hot rooms was open. It wasn't even that hot. Instead we ventured into the co-ed section to wait for the boys. First we had to secure mats to lie down on. Seeing as everyone was either sleeping or needlessy hogging mats we were first to resort to (semi) drastic measures. By that I mean we gingerly stole mats from sleeping poeple.

Let me explain. While on my quest for a mat, I saw a man passed out on a mat. His hand was resting on another mat. I walked up to the mat his hand was on, crouched down and waited. No response. I tugged gingerly. Still no reaction. I tugged a little more. Nada from Mr. Sleepy. Then I pulled one of those tablecloth yanking moves and just took that sucker and fled the scene of my crime. Heart pounding I began to search for my friends. Then I realized I had left the pillow behind in my rush to flee the scene. I had to return. So I nervously snuck back over and stared at the sleeping man and the pillow now lying discarded on the floor. After working up the courage to steal from Mr. Sleepy again, I finally snagged the pillow and beat a hasty retreat.

In case you wondering no I haven't ever legitimately stolen anything. I lead such a dangerous law breaking life. 

After a while the boys joined us and we realized we really all just wanted to go home. So home we went. Needless to say it was not a successful jjimjilbang experience.

Sunday was another story, full of touristy adventures but since I took so darn long telling the story of my brush with a life of crime that may have to wait for another post.

So sorry to disappoint. I do promise I will eventually tell you about Namsan. But not yet.

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