A maddening pendulum

So I have this pendulum I seem to be stuck in.

On one hand I use things until they fall apart. There are holes in one of my pairs of Toms. I keep wearing them. Wires are showing on my headphone. Still haven't replaced those. My phone charger is being held together by clear packing tape. Haven't replaced that either.

On the other end of the pendulum, I replace things way before they're ready. I have 7 different kinds of shampoo and conditioner. Pasta box is half empty? Buy another because it'll run out any minute.

It's sick. I can't find a middle ground. I replace things way too early and end up with multiples. In those cases I get so excited about the new product that I forget to finish the old one. I replace things way too late and end up with nothing. Invariably the barely-hanging-on item finally gives up the ghost right as I'm running low on cash.

It's a maddening existence spent nursing certain items along while pushing aside multiples of other items. I have addressed the multiples issue though: I'm not buying more bathroom products until I use up these ones. Except for that deodorant that I bought that did not do its job. And if there's one thing you want to work it's your deodorant. Needless to say that puppy's going in the trash.

The other end of the pendulum? Haven't dealt with that yet. Perhaps I should just surrender and buy a new phone charger. And headphones. And toss those Toms. And admit that the printer we bought for like $30 in the fall of 2005 no longer works that well.

Who am I kidding? None of that's going to happen.

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