30 for 30 outfit options

I finally got around to picking 30 different items for my 30 for 30 remix! I guess that means my challenge officially starts tomorrow, September 21. Here are the beauties:

6 dresses:
L to R: Kohls, NY & CO, Syms, Habana, TJ Maxx, Syms
3 jeans, 2 skirts & 1 Bermuda short: 
All jeans from Gap, L to R: H&M skirt, Loft skirt, Old Navy Bermuda shorts
6 shirts:
All from Ann Taylor LOFT
 6 tanks:
L to R: Nordstrom's, Target, LOFT, TJ Maxx, LOFT, Syms 
6 sweaters:
L to R: LOFT, LOFT, Gap, Syms, LOFT, LOFT
Okay, so maybe I love Ann Taylor LOFT a bit too much. I've already learned so much just choosing these pieces. While I sorted through my closet I actually had more viable options than I could use and still comply with the challenge. I have a feeling this is going to be 30 days of growth.


  1. Ohhh good luck! I have no idea how I'd do this but I surely need to!

  2. ah! love this idea! and I totally love your clothes! Totally in love with Ann Taylor as well... so classy! Such an easy way to simplify life...