NYC photographs

Many a week later I'm happy to share some of my pictures from the weekend I spent in NYC! It was such a wonderful weekend and a wonderful chance to pull out the good camera again. I've been so busy this semester that I haven't shot much. So sad. My next project: my Christmas decorations! I think this year is the best year decorating wise. I know, I was terrible. I decorated before Thanksgiving. Since I go home for Christmas every year I wanted to enjoy my decorations as much as possible so I broke down and decorated anyways. My poor German nutcracker should be on display and not locked in the storage bin. Don't worry--I'm still holding off on the music until the day after Thanksgiving. 
 St. Patrick's
 Rockefeller Center skating rink
 Rockefeller center
 Waterfall by Swarovski 
9/11 memorial plaque 

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