Chapter 2, page 1

I stepped back into my apartment and realized that I wasn't matching. I wasn't even close to matching. Who wears a red shirt with a bright pink jacket on any day other than February 14? If this is what the flu is like I never ever ever want to get the flu. Ever. I had taken care of an errand for Dad and was looking forward to resting some more. My first final was in just over a week and I felt a lot like something the cat had dragged in. Even the birds picked up on my sickness; they had been uncharacteristically quiet the day before. At least I think they had. I'd been asleep for a good portion of the day so I couldn't say for sure. They had picked up on my [slightly] improved health & seemed to have more to say today. I felt completely disconnected from my body and lacked anything even remotely resembling an appetite. Thankfully I found a can of microwavable chicken soup in the pantry. I had bought it a month before when the vast majority of my time was being spent in the clinic offices working. Shortly after purchasing the soup I stopped working in clinic and started working more from home. The soup came to my rescue in my illness and for microwavable soup you could drink, it was pretty good. It wasn't even remotely close to gourmet but today I wasn't looking for gourmet.

I tried to work on my outlines more but nothing came of it so I opted for some SpongeBob instead.

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