I was standing in the kitchen making dinner when my cellphone made it's characteristic text message noise. I set the spatula down on its little rest on the stovetop and walked over to the phone. Normally I would wait until I was done cooking, but it had been an action-packed day for my family so I wanted to make sure that all was still well. I picked up my phone, read the text and laughed out loud:

"Baltimore Sun: Woman, 24, stabbed during a dispute over cat at Occupy Baltimore encampment at Inner Harbor, police say." 

The text was followed by a link to the full news story which I later read. I had to laugh. I mean, in other cities the protestors were getting injured while standing up for their beliefs. I didn't support the occupy movement but at least the occupiers in other cities were clear on who they were fighting. Here? We just fight each other. Not over finances. Not over CEO's. No, people here fought over cats.

I really had to laugh though. If nothing else, something interesting was always happening here. I wanted to

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