adventure is out there

 One of my favorite movies is Up.

And Disney/Pixar got it right: Adventure is out there.

There are so many places to go, so many places to see.

If I lived somewhere else, in some other country, I could go to more of those places. I could have more adventures. Somehow working 9-6 in South Korea is so much more exciting than working 9-6 in America.

But that's where Disney got something else right: adventure is often right where you are. The ordinary, everyday activities of building a life are an adventure no matter where you live.

Eventually, going to work in Seoul will be just as routine as going to work in Baltimore.

That's why I've gotten into fashion blogging.
That's why I've started working on a new book.
That's why I'm actively seeking out the adventure in the every day.

Because I can't run to another country every time things start feeling mundane. Moving isn't the answer.

Naturally, if something presents itself overseas I'll go. In a heartbeat. But my attitude will be different.

Moving isn't what I need to make my life more adventurous.

Outfit: Loft shirt, cardigan & skirt, belt from Macy's

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