I hate being sick.

I know I'm blessed that a head cold that will go away in a day or so and not cause long term damage is the worst of my concerns & problems.

But I still hate being sick.

I feel utterly useless. And it frustrates me to no end.

Did I mention that I hate being sick? Because I do.

I just started a new venture. I have a midterm tomorrow, a concert Thursday and Barrister's on Saturday. I should be training for a 10k.

But I'm not. I'm stuck on my sofa with a box of tissues, Advil and throat lozenges nearby.

I'm trying to study.

I really am.

It kills me that after 30 minutes I have to take a break because I'm exhausted from the effort.

That being said, here are some things I found on Pinterest. I guess what I'm saying is look at the pretty pictures & pretend like I've come up with something more original.

I'll come back with something original I promise. But for now, it's time for more tissues, more lozenges, more Advil and more tea.

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