frozen dreams

Sometimes in life dreams get frozen. They get stuck in the freezer for a later date. Years later they're still in their, covered in freezer burn and utterly unrecognizable.

I found a dream that's been in my freezer since elementary school the other day. It's been hiding in there for years, forgotten and unloved. So I pulled it and defrosted it. But then I just left it sitting on the counter. I didn't actually do anything with it.

Then Lent started. Yesterday that dream came out of the freezer bag and went into a pot on the stove.

The dream? To be a professional writer.

Since childhood I've envisioned myself as a writer. It's the only career path that's remained consistent throughout my entire life. And throughout my entire life that dream remained something I would do later, when I was older. Later. Always later.

The dream is being defrosted slowly; I started with creating an environment in which I would be more likely to write.

This Lent I won't be watching TV or getting online after 8 PM. During that time I'd usually be burying my dreams in further in the back of the freezer, watching TV shows via Hulu until I fell asleep.

Even though yesterday I had no intention of writing (I intended to read the magazines that had come in the mail), I came up with an idea for my first book. I started chasing another lifelong dream as well: to live and work overseas. I reached out to friends and professors that have done what I want to do.

The dream is starting simmer on the stove and life is starting to smell wonderfully fragrant & appealing.

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