"How many of us are using our resources to build a permanent foundation beneath our sandcastles? If we want to leave an eternally enduring legacy, then we need to look beyond our home, our investment portfolio, and our heirloom jewelry. If we're going to leave a legacy that the waves of time can't wash away, we need to do an onsite inspection of the life we're currently building. We must honestly evaluate the castle we're constructing to make sure it's not made on sinking sand."
-Kerry & Chris Shook

I evaluated my sandcastle earlier this week. Things like investment portfolios & heirloom jewelry are wonderful. They add value to our lives. But they're not the foundation of it. They're more like the sprinkles on a cupcake: they make it that much sweeter but they aren't the main component.

No matter where life takes me, whether into riches or into poverty I want my foundation to remain firm. I want to look in the mirror and be able to look into my own eyes and know I was true to myself and my faith.

I've learned a lot about myself lately.

I've learned how important my faith is.
I've learned how successful I can be.
I've learned my own strength.
I've learned how much I love other people.
I've learned how much I love taking risks.
I've learned that I love being active.
I've learned that sitting still actually isn't my thing.
I've learned that I like a good scary movie--they get the blood racing.
I've learned how much I love challenges.
I've learned how important it is to take time to reflect everyday.

These are all pieces of my sandcastle, supports that keep the castle standing strong. Sure I may change the decorations--losing weight, changing haircuts, moving cities, etc.---but the foundation and supports will always be the same.

So I'm off to chase a few dreams. Because no matter what, my sandcastle stands on firm ground.

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