i wish i'd listened when...part two

I didn't forget about you over here. I'm thinking about linking the blogs somehow. More about that later though.

Today I wanted to finish this post and share the last several things that I wish I'd listened to the first time around. Enjoy!

I wish I'd listened when someone told me to:

4. Not be ashamed of my goals. Yes some of them are strange (like to reduce my reliance on food from the grocery store). But they make me, well, me. And I've found that no matter how strange the goal, people are more supportive than I realized.

3. No one's judging you. Seriously--everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives that they pay little attention to others. I've known this for years but I never truly believed it. The very limited number of people that are judging aren't worth worrying about.

2. Don't let finances be the only factor you consider. I made a major life decision based on finances. Financially it was a good decision but overall? Not at all. The reverse has also proved true in my life. Spending time studying abroad was a terrible financial decision all 3 times. But all 3 times it was worth the money and then some. Sure finances are an important factor but they should NEVER be the sole factor.

1. Never settle. Second best? Not worth it. You're worth more than that.

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