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Because I'm the worst and failed to finish my book on time this week, 52 in 52 is going to have to be a day late. I promise I'll have it tomorrow though!!

I've been thinking a lot about this little blog lately.

I feel like there's some formula that I have to follow. Post outfit photos! Post DIY's! Post recipes!! Post fashion inspiration!

But I'm not interested in any of those things.

I'm starting to develop a direction for this guy lately, and it's thanks largely to 52 in 52.

I love reading. I love getting lost between the pages of a book. I love getting inside a character's head. I love the spark of creativity it gives me. I love the way my brain just turns on when I read. I love filling in the contours of a landscape and disappearing into it.

I just love everything about reading. And I seem to blog about that a lot lately.

If you do nothing else today, pick up a book for at least twenty minutes instead of watching TV. You get the escapism of a TV show. You get to tune out for a while. But you also get so much more than you do with a TV show or a movie.

It doesn't have to be the complete works of Shakespeare or Sir Thomas Moore's Utopia. No one's judging you, least of all me. I just want you to read something besides a nutrition label or a tweet or a blog post. I just want you to read a book, whether it's a physical book or an e-book. Just read.

Keep reading. Every day. Don't make any exceptions if you can help it. Just twenty minutes before bed or on the way to work or in the morning over coffee or whenever works best for you.

I promise that if you keep it up, you'll start to see your life change. Your eyes will open. Your brain will snap on and work in a way it never would otherwise. When you start narrating your own life in your head, even mundane tasks like picking up more Advil becomes an adventure. I promise it will happen. Just keep reading.

And whatever you do, never ever ever stop reading. Ever.

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