[third friday]

This week, I want to:

Travel to:

Bryce National Park, Utah. How pretty is that? I just love the orangey red of the mountains at sunset. It's not all international travel around here either--sometimes your own backyard can hold the prettiest places.


Blueberry cream cheese monkey bread. I don't think breakfast gets any better than blueberries & cream cheese combined with carbs. Also apparently July is National Blueberry Month, which sounds like a pretty fantastic month to me.

A pretty pink pout, complete with a neutral face of course! How fresh and fun does this look for spring?? I think I need to go hunting for the perfect pink lipstick.


Source: google.com via Courtney on Pinterest

This Lululemon ad. I remember when they first came out with this Mom was working at a pilates & yoga studio near our house. She brought me home a small poster of this and to this day I still love it and all the practical advice it contains.

Have a wonderful weekend darlings!!

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