[it was all yellow]

I love Atlanta. I love the South.

Moving back here I fell in love all over again. The culture is different than it is in Maryland. Granted, Maryland is still technically Southern, it's more of a mid-Atlantic blend between north and south. I didn't realize how much I missed the South until I started living here again.

Then it happened.

One day I was starting back into running, determined to get back on track. The next day I couldn't go outside.

The pollen had arrived.

And coated everything. I mean everything. Even the dogs are coated in a thin layer of yellow that makes them sneeze and itch their eyes constantly.

 Y'all I can't breathe. Just walking from my car into the store where I work part-time yesterday I started sneezing. I feel sick constantly.

The worst part? It's beautiful out. The weather is exactly the kind I want to frolic in. But I can't. So instead I just stand with my nose smashed against the glass and dream of frolicking.

We got a good laugh the other night. The national news was doing a story on how to combat spring allergies. Where were they talking to people about spring allergies? In Atlanta. Of course.

Over the years we've developed a few ways to combat the pollen. Our patio furniture is covered with beach towels, making us look a little like hillbillies. But hey, looking like a hillbilly for two weeks is a lot better than the work it would take to clean all the pollen off the cushions once this yellow cloud moves on. Allergy medicine is doubled. The outdoors are generally avoided.

Everyone knows it's coming too. A local car wash changed their marquis to read "Beat the pollen. Get your car waxed today!".


In Baltimore I knew it was spring when cars began rolling by with their windows down and rap music so loud I couldn't hear my own music with my headphones in. Windows began rattling. Dirt bikes began to zoom around the streets. The Inner Harbor got crowded again.

I was excited about one part of spring in Atlanta: the thunderstorms. Big, rolling storms with thunder that rattles your windows and keeps you awake at night. We have spare leashes in the basement for the inevitable storm that brings a potential tornado along with it. I love thunderstorms.

But with the storms comes the pollen.

And on days like today, I'd take the teeth-rattling rap music over the pollen.

At least the rap music doesn't linger like the pollen does.


Because who really wants their car to look like that?

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