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Somehow, someway I'm getting through this bar prep thing . It's a full time job and every bit as difficult as everyone said it would be.

The funny thing is, I've changed in the past few months. I've been using the desk I didn't touch for 15 years. I went from being a stress eater to someone who's lucky to eat a full three meals a day; when I'm upstairs, far from the kitchen, I forget about food until my stomach physically reminds me to eat. I swore I would shower every morning before I started studying. Somedays I'm lucky if I've showered before 4 pm. Everything is a legal issue now.


The other day I took a break from studying and went for a jog. Growing up in Houston there were mushrooms everywhere, especially in the spring. Dad would stop the car and we would charge into the field or front yard to kick the mushrooms, sending them flying as high into the air as we could.

On my jog I saw some particularly good looking mushrooms. These things were massive. So naturally I had to kick them. I turned towards the mushrooms in the middle of someone's front yard. Suddenly my brain went Nope. Trespassing. That's a tort. It also bothers me that I don't know if Georgia is a contributory negligence state or not.

All through law school these things would cross my mind. But not with this frequency. I see law everywhere now. I think I'm annoying people so I mostly try not to point out all the law I see.

It hasn't been all suffering though. Sometimes we have family activities and provided I've gotten everything done I get to play too. Mom, Kara, and I went to trivia night at a local wing joint. We came in 5th out of 20 or so teams. Not too shabby for a party of three! Then last Thursday Dad was in town and all 4 of us went to a Braves game. We drank beer, ate peanuts and hotdogs, and reveled in the perfect weather. Study breaks may be rare but they are wonderful when they happen, even if I can't make my brain stop analyzing legal issues. Of course it's right back to the books when I'm done. The countdown is on: July 31 this will all be done! Unless I don't pass. Oh goodness.

Law is hard y'all.

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