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Last week I started a new blog. It was focused entirely on my faith. This week I'm merging it back into this one.


At its very core, the decision to have two separate blogs was made in fear. I wasn't sure I wanted something so openly religious attached to my other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc). So I rationalized, saying that I would split the two and give people the choice. After all, not everyone will want to read about Jesus so why not give them the option?

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my seemingly generous idea of giving people a choice was nothing but an attempt to compartmentalize Jesus. I wanted Him in a neat little self-contained box.

That's not how Jesus works though.

There are things that should be compartmentalized. For example, when you leave work you should stop thinking about work. If you don't, you risk becoming one of those people who only thinks about work and eventually becomes overwhelmed by stress and pressure. Jesus isn't one of those things.

Time and again, God tells us to not confine Him to a box. Throughout His word, He calls us to give our entire lives to Him, every second of every day.

I have no desire to back off from my calling to share Him via blogging. I just don't think I should keep my blogs separate.

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