the big trip part 3

1. Fountain at the Met: I have never seen someone so happy about a goose. Someday I hope to feel that much joy about something so simple.

2. Hiawatha by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (also at the Met)

3.Claude Monet's signature on an painting at the Met.

4. Rooftop garden at the Met: in case you didn't notice, most of our time on day 2 was spent at the Met. It's a wonderful museum with a little something for everybody. We saw everything from the costume gallery to the great masters to ancient Egypt. And that was not even a fraction of the collections housed there. The view from the roof is lovely too: it overlooks Central Park so you get the park and the city behind it.

After leaving New York, Mom and I headed down to Annapolis for swearing in. While we were headed to the Met on Monday I found out that a very dear friend had gotten engaged! Thankfully she lives in DC so we were able to drive just a little but further to celebrate with her and her fiancee over some margaritas.

Tuesday was swearing in. The ceremony was short and sweet, which was good because the A/C was broken and temperatures soared past 90. Despite the sweating-in-a-suit bit, it was the most amazing day. I can finally add "Esquire" to the end of my name. It was the culmination of years of hard work. I couldn't stop saying that I was an attorney! After the ceremony we just had time for lunch before heading to the airport to fly back to Atlanta.

Overall it was a fantastic trip. I loved being able to see all my friends & celebrate with them. I loved being able to see a bit of the real New York and not jut Times Square & Rockefeller Center (while those are fun, it's also nice to learn a bit more about the city itself). My sister was an amazing guide and has really made the city her own; I couldn't be more proud of her. Of course swearing in was pretty fantastic too.

All I can say is that I hope & pray I'm back in the area soon.

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