the big trip part 2

1. A cute little community garden we found wandering around SoHo while waiting for brunch. It turns out that New Yorkers have better access to green space than pretty much any other city in the country. I didn't believe it but after being there and wandering around more residential areas I totally do. There are little gardens and parks like this tucked in between buildings all over the city. There's a lot more greenery in Manhattan than Central Park.

2. View from Williamsburg park. We checked out Smorgasburg on Sunday which I highly recommend visiting. It's near impossible to describe but worth the visit. While we were in the park, we grabbed some delicious shaved ice and sat by the water. The view is amazing. There were paddle boarders, jet skiiers, kayakers and other boaters all over the river too!

3. Clinton Street Baking Company. Go there. Get the sugar cured bacon. Even if you don't like bacon GET THE BACON. Get pretty much any breakfast item on the menu. It's worth every second of the 2+ hour wait. Seriously. I have never tasted food so good in my life. The bananas in the bananas foster on my french toast were perfect even. These people put insane amounts of detail and love into everything, down to the bananas and the jam. Go. Now. That's the other thing I learned about NYC: if it has a bonkers wait, & it's not in a tourist area it's worth the wait.

4. The door from the roof into the building at my sister's apartment. Apparently it was painted quite recently. New York is like that though--things change all the time. It's a really fun place to be, especially when you're young. The roof area was great in general. It's surprisingly quiet out in Brooklyn. We could hear birds, children, and only very rarely a car. It's a wonderful retreat from the bustle of the city: close enough to see the skyline and get downtown in a flash but far enough away that things actually quiet down now & again.

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