the best of times, the worst of times.

This past week and a half has been simultaneously fantastic and terrible.

It all started last Thursday when everyone was called in to the office from e-working for a special meeting. Normally, our group only ventures into the office on Wednesdays. Annoying as it was to have to drive in, I was somewhat okay with it; I managed to schedule a job interview for that morning at one of my company's other offices just a mere 5 minutes from my current office.

At the office everyone milled around awkwardly since there weren't nearly enough desks for all those people. Eventually the VP of the division that works out of our office building stepped up to the mic and made all of our worst fears a reality.

In between the months of May and August everyone in the office was going to be laid off. They were closing the entire center and transferring the jobs to one of our four counterparts in other states.

Needless to say, everyone was in shock. Some people cried. A lot stood around quietly shaking their heads. After milling around with various coworkers, it was time for the interview.

It went terribly. I mean, just really really badly.

The individual in charge of the interview at one point basically stated that I would be worth training because I'd just leave right away. This was stated multiple times in between checking his phone and responding to emails.

The only saving grace was that I wouldn't actually be working or him. The group I was interviewing with had a regional office here in Atlanta so I was interviewing with them first. They would then provide a recommendation to the actual office I would be working for in Maryland, who would then interview me by phone if they thought I was a good fit.

After the terrible interview I met up with coworkers for lunch before heading back to the office to talk with just our team about severance packages.

With all the meetings over, I had to head back home. I cried a bit in the car before making a pit stop in Walmart to buy some hot tamales and a bottle of wine (hey we all cope in our own ways). While checking out, I went to give the cashier my ID.

I was stopped by the cashier who told me that she didn't need to see my ID since the only ID people who look like they're under 40.

Now I was laid off, had a bad job interview, and looked more than a decade older than I actually am.


Thankfully on the way home, HR called me: the interview had gone better than I thought and the Maryland team wanted to interview me by phone the next day. I happily agreed.

To put the day behind me, I decided to go for a walk.

I got stung by a bee while walking.

Friday's interview appeared to go well. I didn't get many words in but apparently she still liked me because at the end of the interview an offer was made.

I refused to get excited. I had heard that before (three times to be exact) from the New York team and we all know how that worked out. So I told my family and no one else.

Tuesday rolled around and I woke up with terrible, crippling food poisoning. I spent most of Tuesday in my bathroom.

At the height of all of it, while I was growing increasingly concerned about my inability to even keep water down, I got an email from HR. "Call me!!!" the subject line read.

It was my official job offer. I had gotten the job in Maryland. I was going back.

I couldn't muster an ounce of enthusiasm. Instead of launching into a frenzied apartment search and planning session, I continued as I had before, alternating between trips to the bathroom, curling up in the fetal position in tears, and working a tiny bit. I still didn't tell anyone.

Wednesday I got my contract. Now it was really really official. I finally told everyone.

Unfortunately, I was still sick so the news was tempered by my struggle to keep food inside my system.

Thursday I found an apartment. But then I saw some negative reviews that really concerned me. Reviews that spoke of crime and pot smells on the weekend.

So naturally I spun into a panic and got worried that the only apartment I could find was that one.

Friday I found an apartment in a really nice apartment complex with positive reviews. I paid my deposit and got the address for my new one bedroom & den with a balcony.

Now that it's over I'm still not sure how to feel about the past week and a half of my life.

It was a confusing time.

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  1. Seem like you should be excited about your new job in Maryland!! Wahoo! You weren't laid off - you just got a new job in a completely different state :) exciting times! But food poisoning is the worst. WORST.