jj's big day

Last Friday I took the day off work, hopped in my car, and drove down to DC for the weekend for my cousin's bat mitzvah.

After picking up everyone from the airport, we had just enough time to check into our hotel & change clothes before heading to dinner with Dad's side of the family. I got to see family members I haven't seen in a few years so it was wonderful to catch up.

Saturday morning we were up bright and early for the bat mitzvah itself. My cousin did an amazing job with her readings! I was so proud of her.

The rabbi made a really wonderful point about the readings: faith is about the every day moments, the little things, not the big earth shattering ones.  It was a wonderful reminder that holds true regardless of your religious beliefs.

After the ceremony was the luncheon, complete with delicious lox, bagels, cream cheese, and plenty of fruit & cookies.

All the cousins with the bat mitzvah girl

After the luncheon we had some down time that was spent hanging out in our hotel room, catching up with just the 4 of us. Then it was time to party!!

Some of the cousins at cocktail hour

The theme was candy, so everything was bright and colorful. Cocktail hour was all about the open bar, and lots of yummy appetizers.

A couple of drinks later and it was really time to party! There was a sit down dinner for the adults, lots of candy for everyone, a photo booth, and of course an awesome DJ & dance floor. 

One of the things I didn't notice at the bat mitzvahs I went to growing up was just how much alcohol there was. Even though the party is geared towards the kids, there's plenty to entertain the adults present haha. I actually think I enjoy them more now that I'm older--there's less pressure and awkwardness and more alcohol.

Sunday was a bit low key (surprise surprise). With temperatures in the teens, we nixed our initial plan to check out some monuments and ended up going to the National Portrait Gallery instead.

We completely forgot it was President's Day weekend so it was quite the surprise to see the courtyard filled with bands, crafts, and informational presentations. After ambling about the festivities and the museum for a while, we grabbed some lunch & coffee before I had to drop everyone off at the train/airport to head home.

It wasn't quite time for me to go home yet though; I had one more activity planned! One of my dear friends from middle school lives outside of DC and I haven't been able to see her since moving back to Maryland. Since I was in the area and the office was closed on Monday, we decided to get together at her new apartment in Alexandria. The apartment was lovely but the company was even better. We ordered in and had plenty of time to catch up before watching the SNL 40th anniversary special.

Monday was equally busy--another dear friend and I went to the movies then out for drinks/appetizers followed by a little retail therapy.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend full of friends, family, & candy.

If you ask me, that's the perfect combination.

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