dog gone.

There's one thing I've wanted ever since I went away to college: a dog.

When I was little, we had two cats. After an asthma attack, we learned that I was rather allergic to those two cats. I thought I had outgrown that allergy when I adopted Poncho.

I was wrong. I'm still just as allergic. Sadly, Poncho is now living with another wonderful family (and hopefully not making them quite so sick haha).

Once our childhood cats were re-homed, my parents decided to get my sister over her fear of dogs...by getting a dog.

So we got Winston.

Then we got Wendy.

And then we got Kammie.

After long, full lives, Winston and Wendy moved on to the big backyard in the sky and we were left with Kammie.

A year later we drove to Florida for a family vacation and came back with Kenley.

Needless to say, dogs have been a big part of my life for years and I simply adore them.

Dogs give you unconditional love. Dogs greet you joyously when you walk in the door. Dogs romp and play. Dogs snuggle. Dogs are just plain awesome not to mention super super cute.

Not having a dog has been quite difficult. I miss the wet noses, wagging tails, and warm bodies. But for whatever reason, the timing was never quite right.

In college I had no money.
In law school I had no time.
In my last months in Baltimore City I had no set schedule.

Then I moved back to Georgia and back in with Kammie & Kenley. I loved it. So much.

When I got my current job, I made sure to find an apartment that would allow dogs because darn it, I am going to get a dog.

This week I finally got one.

Kind of.

Okay I'm dog sitting for my sister until Sunday. But in my mind, I totally have a dog.

I've learned a lot in my 24 hours as a (surrogate) dog mom.

Want to meet people? Get a dog. Everyone will talk to you while you're out walking. Either they'll want to meet your dog or talk about their dog. Whatever they want to talk about, you get an instant stranger conversation starter. This is especially true if you own a mixed breed (and not one of those fancy designer breeds). People tend to know what exactly that dog is.

Want more exercise? Get a dog for your apartment. Dogs need to be walked. A lot. Not only do they need to use the restroom, they need the exercise. Plus the sunshine is good for a dog's soul. My normal step count is only 3,292, a number I'm working to increase. So far today, I'm already at 6,601 and we still have at least one more walk to take.

Want to worry about something like it's your child? Get a dog. For most of the day, the dog wouldn't really eat. This bothered me. Greatly. Every time I walked by her I told her to eat. When I went to the pharmacy to pick up my meds, I worried the whole time about her lack of food intake. Thankfully, after our post-work walk she ate. But up until then I worried that something was wrong.

Want adventure? Get a dog. We started our morning growling ferociously at a vulture. This proved ineffective by the way. Then we chased three squirrels up a tree and in the process knocked one out of the tree. Side note: squirrels are crazy resilient. How that thing thumped onto the ground as hard as it did without breaking all of its bones is a mystery. This afternoon we romped around the dog park. Then we chased some squirrels out of the rose bushes and around a field. Every time we step out the door, it's an adventure. I'm exploring more of my area with every walk simply by following the dog wherever she leads.

Want to lose a great deal of personal space? Get a dog. Currently, this 25 pound jack russel mix is taking up three-quarters of the sofa. I'm not sure how she's doing it but she is. Last night, she pushed me onto the edge of the bed and somehow stole the sheets in the process. That being said, there's something crazy comforting about that little warm body pressed up against you. When they smoosh themselves into your side, you can't help but feel the love and their desire to just be close to you. It's all they want: you, right there next to them. Currently my apartment has been reclaimed as the dog's apartment as well. She's neatly distributed her toys about the apartment.

It's only been a little more than 24 hours so I still have a lot to learn.

But I can say this: in those 24 hours, my life has been greatly approved by this little fur covered creature.

And when I get back from India & Thailand, I'm totally getting my own.

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  1. OK I am crying... So sweet! Be sure to make a wise choice on the dog you get. Lets chat before you get it...