hello, old friend.

So it's been a while but I recently committed to spend at least 15 minutes per day writing.

In fourth grade we had to make these shields that represented us. It was a social studies project and naturally, I took it super seriously. Social studies was my jam.


A few years ago I found that shield while I was still living at home (I know, such a millennial stereotype). And while I can't remember what I put one of the four quadrants on my shield, I remember the other three quite clearly.

In one, I drew a horse. I was super into horses back in the day. I had recently taken up riding and I was obsessed. Okay, maybe I still am. One day I will make my triumphant return to the equestrian world.

In another, I wrote that I would attend Yale University. Unfortunately at that age I didn't quite understand what Yale was. I just knew my dad had gone there and he talked about it fondly so I was in.  As an adult, I laughed out loud when I read that part.

And finally, in the bottom right corner, I wrote something that stopped adult me in my tracks. I wrote that I was going to be a writer.

To be honest, writer was the only career I ever stuck with for a defined period of time growing up. It was something I talked about constantly. I even wrote short stories for fun. Sometimes I even wrote poetry.

I don't care for poetry.

But I wrote it because I loved writing that much.

Somewhere along the way I stopped. There was no triggering event. Instead as time wore on, I wrote less and less. Writing seemed like an impossible career choice. And there were just so many other options to consider. What if there was something better out there?

Adulthood finally hit and I just got busy. You know how it is: work, bills, social obligations, etc. take over your life and you cut out the things that were meaningless but made you happy.

Recently I picked up a copy of a self-help book, Big Magic. I hadn't read one in years. Back in college I went through this phase where self-help type books were all that I read. Then one day I realized that all I was doing was chasing a high. It was brief, temporary high that only lasted for about a week after I finished each book. So I quit cold turkey and didn't pick up another self-help book until about two weeks ago.

I couldn't tell you what inspired me to pick this particular book. I am glad that I did though. While I don't agree with everything in it, Several of the concepts resonated with me. Gilbert proposes that you keep your day job and instead just practice your creative craft for 15 minutes a day without putting any pressure on it to support you or provide the meaning for your existence.

And suddenly, writing seemed doable again. I can find 15 minutes a day. I don't have to be a professional writer. I don't have to even make money off this blog or grow my readership.

Quite frankly, I don't care if this blog never gains readers or if I never earn a dime or if no recognition ever comes my way.

I miss writing. I miss it like an old friend. I miss how it made me feel to create something.

So I'm setting a recurring date in my calendar for 15 minutes of writing a night. I've found a list of writing prompts for those days when I just can't think of what to write.

I'm glad to be reunited with my old friend and I'm ready for whatever may come.

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  1. You are such a talented writer! I am soooo proud of you!