Resolutions for 2011

In between icing my face and attempting to gum something more solid than food, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what my resolutions are going to be for 2011.

To be honest I'm not keen on New Year's. I've never really cared for the holiday. There's no real reason for it--it's not like something bad happened to me once on New Year's. I just don't care. Consequently, my resolutions are sometimes thought out but mostly just shrugged off. "I guess I'll try and lose weight this year." I puff air and spit out the first thing that seems reasonable. Or I go in the complete opposite direction and set some lofty grand sounding goal.

This year I think I'll set some actual resolutions instead. By that I mean real concrete goals that I could actually achieve. Here goes!

  1. Keep up with current events better by swapping an hour of TV a time a day from History Channel to some news network & by reading at least one newspaper per week.
  2. Read the NYT Besteller's List.
  3. Write weekly
  4. Stick to Weight Watchers one day at a time
  5. Raise my grades by reading more thoroughly & outlining every weekend
  7. Cook something new weekly 
  8. Visit Kara at least once a month
  9. Facebook/call friends who live out of state monthly 
  10. Continue growing in faith 
  11. Find a hobby and do it weekly, be it photography, cross stitching, scrapbooking or whatever tickles my fancy
  12. Set a weekly budget and STICK TO IT!
Phew. That's a lot of resolutions.
"May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions."
Joey Adams


  1. Good luck! It's ok. I have a long list, too.

  2. Nice Resolutions you have there !!