Wisdom teeth and exciting news!

I look like a freaking chipmunk. It's sad.

On a positive note, I've gotten two of five grades back and so far I have all B's. I'm pretty happy about that.   Last fall I had a C in Legal Writing and a C in Property. This semester I shot for no C's in any of my classes. So far so good!

In other exciting news, I'm one of the new staff editors for the Journal of International Law! I'm super super excited to finally be on a journal. Not only is it a great resume builder, being on a journal will help me develop my legal writing skills and teach me more about international law.

While we're on the topic of international law, I've been doing a lot of thinking over the break. I'm leaning now towards a career in international business. While international human rights sounds wonderful, I think my skills are far more suited towards the negotiation, review and drafting of contracts for international businesses. Of course my internship has to start all over again, but that's okay with me. I'd rather put in the extra effort to get where I want to go instead of just settling for any internship. And with the job market the way it is, the more internships I apply for, the better my chances.

My ice chips are calling. Hopefully more later!

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