Earning my stripes

Yesterday I had a huge first here in Krabby Land.

I was shopping at Ann Taylor Loft when the first happened. The shopping itself isn't the first. I do that a little too much sometimes. Loft was having 50% off sale prices and I simply could not say no. But something new happened.

Since high school I've eschewed striped shirts or dresses. They were simply reminders of everything I didn't like about myself. I saw them on the racks and went "EW!! Stripes!! I can't wear those!" I never once tried stripes on though. I just ran away from them as if they were coated in radioactive goo.

Yesterday while perusing the sale racks, I found myself picking up striped shirt after striped shirt. When I got back into the dressing rooms I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the striped shirts actually looked really cute on me. In fact, I bought two of the striped sweaters. An overwhelming part of me wants to go back and buy more...

For the first time I feel confident enough to buy & wear stripes. I love my body!
Another shot of my pretty striped sweaters
Aren't my striped sweaters pretty?? I'm excited to wear them. I've also discovered a love of sparkles.  They're just so fun! I even bought sparkly shoes from Gap yesterday. Don't worry Mom--the shoes were only $7. I'm just so thrilled with my new purchases. I'm even more thrilled with my new confidence. After all, it doesn't matter whether I fit someone else's definition of beauty. Beauty starts inside and radiates outwards.

"Once you accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy."

Albert Einstein

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