Weekly camera fun #1

I took some pictures today. No real reason. I might make this a weekly thing. The subject matter will differ of course. I just felt like taking pictures of all three of my children.  And by children I mean two parakeets and a Beta fish.
Hi! We're the feathered ones. As you can tell, we're made of super cuteness.
Hi! I'm Mugsy. Mostly I like to hide in my lantern like this...
But I'm kind of an attention whore so when Mom came by with the camera I just had to show off.

And yes, his name is Mugsy. It was originally Muffsy but apparently that isn't a "manly" name, at least according to my sister. Not that she can talk, she named a fish Fluffy once. Fluffy is in no way manlier than Muffsy. But whatever. Kara got a fish too. His name is Rodrigo and apparently he's a member of the Venezuelan mafia. How dangerous! 

I had fun blinding my children. My poor future biological children. Every moment of their lives will be documented.

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  1. Freeda looks like she desperately wants to be included in the photo with Frack.