Mr. Maintenance man

Remember how I emailed my apartment management about all of the issues in my apartment? Here's a little refresher list of the problems:

  1. burned out lightbulbs in the bathroom
  2. Giant wall cracks
  3. Leaking faucet in the tub
  4. Whatever the heck is wrong with my carpeting 
Well, two of four items can officially be crossed off that happy list!

Wednesday morning I discovered a maintenance tag on my door informing that maintenance had been in my apartment the day before. A valve in the tub faucet was broken and would be replaced today. Hooray! Since maintenance usually doesn't swing by until 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I went about my morning as normal. Surprise surprise, maintenance decided to drop by at 9 this morning. Which is when I normally take my shower.

Thankfully I was running a bit behind so I hadn't quite made my way into the bathroom. I threw shorts & a tshirt on and answered the door. Once maintenance was in my bathroom I immediately began making contingency plans. I mean, I looked like a swamp monster. My first class was at 10:30 and there was no way I would be caught dead with swamp monster hair. And with all my classes back to back, there wouldn't be an opportunity to de swamp monster myself until after class. Short hair is adorable and all but in situations like this I really dislike it's inability to pony tail itself. So I flitted nervously while maintenance worked away.  He asked how long the tub had been leaking and I told him that I just noticed it when I came back from break. Which is true if you swap "I" for Mother dearest. I was aware that the faucet was leaking months ago but Mother dearest just noticed it when I returned. I had good reason for my white lie: maintenance likes to give 20 minute lectures about how we should tell him immediately about any problems. The lectures are replete with stories about other tenants who should have informed him of problems sooner and the trouble they could have avoided. I was just not in the mood. I was only just starting to nurse coffee #2.

To my shock, 15 minutes later maintenance and his perpetually showing plumber's crack was done and leaving my apartment. Honestly I don't know why his crack always shows. He wears a belt but it's still there at all times. Even more shocking? I wasn't regaled with random pseudo-racist and occasionally quite personal questions. Maintenance was quite subdued this morning. I think I actually miss his pseudo-racist probing comments. They made maintenance visits interesting.

Maintenance also popped back in 20 minutes later to replace a lightbulb. Thankfully at that time I had finished my shower and gotten dressed.

Now let's see if I can get the carpets cleaned and something done about those giant wall cracks. But hey, I'll take what I can get for now.
"My mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care and vehicle maintenance."
Tim Allen 

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  1. OK that was funny! Glad that is fixed now on to the carpet!

    Love you!
    Mother Dearest