Bless the coming spring

One of my favorite parts of every week is picking out new tulips from Whole Foods. I'll be quite sad when tulip season ends. I'll just have to pick a different flower to love!

To be honest, I wasn't to keen on tulips until this winter. Whole Foods always has a section of fresh cut tulips among the other flowers. Most of the arrangements are out of my price range at around $25 a bouquet. But the tulips are only $8 a bunch and they come in significantly more colors than I ever realized tulips could come in. I try and pick a different color every week. This week, I picked some yellowy-orange ones.

The tulips come wrapped in this rustic brown paper with a sticker reading "Grown in Virginia." After I put my groceries away and toss last week's tulips, it's time to get this weeks into the vase. Instead of a traditional vase, I have this old fashioned glass milk bottles. One I found with mom for a 25 cents at a resale shop in Atlanta. It's so cute! I love the funky little milk bottles.

After trimming the stems and placing them in their bottle, the tulips are ready to brighten my apartment for another week.

"If I was a tulip and you were wind's-wings
I would not count 
my broken dreams
but bless the coming spring." 

Unknown author


  1. Beautiful tulips!
    I love tulips:)
    I've never seen like this color tulips in Japan.

  2. Thanks!! I'm developing a new love of tulips. It was the first time I'd seen this color too.